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Vibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System JM-B-6E On-lineVibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System

Vibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System JM-B-6E On-lineVibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System

  • Vibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System  JM-B-6E On-lineVibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System
Vibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System  JM-B-6E On-lineVibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: OEM
Model Number: JM-B-6E
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 sets
Packaging Details: Wooden box packing
Delivery Time: 15 days after signing the contract
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 1000sets
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rotational speed measurement

Vibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System

JM-B-6E On-lineVibration Monitoring and Fault Analysis System




       The system includes intelegent data collecter,up-level analysis computer (engneering station) ,monitoring and fault analysis system software,and network system.

      JMB-B-6Eintelegent data collcter is used for fieldsignal acpuisition ,data storage and pretreatment.Each intelegent  data collecter has two mutual-stand phase inputs and 8vibration or analog inputs .Accoring to thenumber of required measuning points of the equipment,several intelegent data collecter could be used.

       The up-level computer (engineering station) has a large-capacity computer storage system.It is responsiblefor runing state surveillance equipment,vibration analysis,historical database and storage management ,fault analysiscapabilities.

       Monitoring and fault analyaia system software is run on the up-level computer(engineer station).It can be run equipment condition monitoring,vibration analysis,database management,faultdiagnosis,motion balancing and network communications.

       Intelegent data collectors and engineering stations are connected by Ethermet ,at the same time the engineering station can conecte to MIS/SIS network through a switch ,that is for the convenience of tplant leadership and tachnical crew to the timely know the operation conditions of the equipment and to make scientifiv decision.


system features

 1.Open system design

        JM-B-6E has a fully open system design ideas ,modular hardware sand software systems are designed in accordance with user needs for flexible configuration.

      Good scalability,it is easy to expand the system according to the number of monitoring targets  and monitoring object canbe expanded from a single equipment to multiple equipment.monitoring signals can be expanded from only vibration parameter to process parameters and other paramentrs.

        It can easyily communicate with the power plant computer system (DCS,MIS,SIS)and achineve data sharing

        Based an internet/intranet tachnology to facilitate the use of existing LAN,WAN and telephone network aresources a plant-level units state monitoring network center can be built.

system functions

1.Real-time monitoring and alarm

Real-time axial vibration monitoring equipment,tile vibration,speed,displacement.state of expansion defference.

Equipment operation parameters bar plot and equipment simulation diagram.

Epuipment vibration pass frequency disply.

Vibration magnitute trend plot.optional monitor measuring piont of vibration amplitude change trend.

Time and rotating speed display.

Equipement operating sttus display.

Two stage alarm function for each vibration signal,real-time alarm channel status diaply,red for alarm,yellow for danger.

Phase contorl signal status recognization.

2.Historical data storage

Signal wave forms of equipment day-to day dynatic vubration data and important characteristics of vibration data will be stored.

Automatically recording the original wave forms and vibrationcharactors,according to the rotating speed change rate,when the equipment is gainingor losing speed(starting up or shutting down),to build a important data libraryof the equipment .

The vibration character data stored  by each channels including:

       Pass frequencemagnitute,intensity/gap voltage(Eddy current sensors) 

       1/2X,1X,2X Harmonic magnitude and 1X Harmonic phase.

Backups of operating data and hiatorical data,make it possible to extract important data for off-line analysis.

3.The accident recalling and the alarm files storage

Recording the last 100 alarms,power-offs and restoring information,including the name of testing points,time of alarm and disalarm,rotating speed,pass frequency and alarm ststus.

Alarming list display.

When turning form a ordinary state to a alarm state,the system will automatically turn to a emergency recording mode,increasingf recording density ,the vibration character data and orginal wave forms before and after the alarm point will be stored.

4.Statements print

All the monitoring and analysis plot have the preview function.

Historical vibration character data,gaining and losing speed data list print functon.

Alarm list print function.

5.Parameter configuration

on-line parameter confiquration functions.

Channel information configuration functions,inculding:channel name,sensor type,fix direction,full guage value,alarm log storing.

Flexible setup of the monitoring and plotting parameters.

Report print configurations.

6.Historical data library management

Historical vibration data during the starts and shut downs will be specially managed,they can be helpful to vibration control and pradi ctive maintenance.

Recalling the vibration status suring several starts and shut-downs,can provide analysis plots simiar to the on line monitoring system.

 By Database OUery,extracting vibration fault diagnisis sign,comparing the different equipment vibration during several start and shut-downs,a basis for fault diagnosis can be provided.

The classification of the hiatorical data management(waveform.vibration characteristics,landing speeddata, alarm data,ect.).To acilitate inquiries,display,print statements and functions.

7.Viration fault analysis

      JM-B-6E system has equipment transient status and alarm staus real time vibration analysis functions.There are twelve type of vibration data plots:bars,data list, time domain data plot, spectrue plot,axi trace plot,porter plans,trend analysis plot ,polar plot,stake map,fallsplot ,2D hoospecttum,axi center plot.

     Suppporting on-line  parameter configuration.

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